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sumption and cancer which have been found to resist all the methods of
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at a later period by Drs. Pichot and Maunoury were irrefragably estab
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gent men who practise the water cure owe it to the reputation
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the course of the secondary affection but they do not precede it.
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often mistaken for mange the remarks on which the reader should com
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position frequently and show a desire to bite the skin over
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kinds and of many symptoms apparently quite distant from real nervousness
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Let us take after death one of the numerous rabbits whicli we have
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feeling assured of the permanent value of the medical de
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quently observed in arteriosclerosis and I think I may say they are rarely
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will be found injury to the mucous membrane the stones
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How would you diagnose and reduce a backward dislocation
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voiced the popular impression that the origin of phthisis
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face. The region of the inferior gluteal line appears promi
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Fauconnet of Geneva have recorded similar ages of typhoid fever patients
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principles only and in accordance with the tenets of legitimate
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for examination. Special classes will be formed for
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latter infection may induce certain pathological al
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Local Anaesthesia in General Medicine and Surgery being
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be done by attending to the following considerations.
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pended as this action affords in our opinion the only
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physical exercise which they obtained in this manner while
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them all within the limits of this article. The one devised by Dr.
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action on the cutaneous surface. Though mercury will pass through
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to Fuchsius as Malva silvestris pumila our dwarf mallow
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be displaced either by high temperature or by the lead receiving oxygen
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local sloughing after continuous treatment with moist
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erysipelas but ordinary chronic adult cases and acute diseases such as
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As in the case of tactile sensibility an area of pain
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Two or three difficulties were involved in that. The irritation
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pared with the table it can be readily estimated if this
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States for over a third of a century though forbidden by


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