the mucous surfaces can usually be checked by astringents and cold. Bis-
motilium imodium
dosage for imodium instants
force, either from cerebral disease or local pressure on the vagi, or on both
dosage of imodium for dogs
ond line is shorter on the injured side than on the sound side, in case of
dosage of imodium for puppies
Treatment. — In hysterical stricture, whatever osteopathic lesion is
motilium imodium together
perhaps on the face, and lastly it aj^pears on the lower extremities. It
what is imodium made of
respect from those of simple remittent, except that the fever is accom])a-
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Contents. — The contents of the aneurysm consists more or
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there is formation of a tumor, which can frequently be felt by distending
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45. Temperature record in a case of acute tuberculosis 208
imodium ad diverticulitis
infection is fatal. Nourishment and support of the patient, together
imodium ad dosage for puppy
ture after a heated term will produce it. Its most frequent cause is undi-
imodium advanced
Etiology. — The causation of primary hepatic cancer is unknown ; in
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duction. The temperature should never be allowed to remain at 105° F.
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the disease is fully established, although it may be abundant, it is still
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poisoning has followed in numerous cases. It is especially valuable in
imodium cause water retention
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upon the viscera. I am convinced that whenever fluid accumulation takes
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tum and anus. The cause of hemorrhoids in the large majority of cases
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Gonococcus. — In gonorrhoea! pus. Cocci in twos, similar to grains of
imodium contraindications
The fatly chanqe is seen in varying degrees J _, "^ , ,101 »
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companies articular rheumatism it must be treated as a rheumatic affection.
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of coughing may allow it to occur when the mucus is dislodged. The
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have a dusky pink hue, partially or wholly disappearing on pressure, and
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nosis is good. The ascitic accumulation may take place rapidly, or weeks
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Differential Diagnosis. — When fully developed, a careful examination of
imodium dosage for dogs
hgematemesis, which may be regarded as essential to its diagnosis. In a
imodium eye problems
affected. Treatment was instituted. Within two weeks she began
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tracheal rales, indicates impending death. Delirium coming on after the
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When the disease comes on gradually without any acute symptoms one
imodium in myasthenia gravis
the dry plaster. This may be wrapped in oiled paper and kept ready for
imodium instructions
pyemia because of the rapid infection of the pus micro-organisms which


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