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of the sternum ; but neither at that time, nor at any other, was thero
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the United States, in business on his own account is
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Schmalfuss has reported a case of this kind that occurred in MiddeldorpfPs
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The statements of Dr. Scholz as to the beneflcial soothing influence of the
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tables, chairs, rugs, house plants, etc. Out-of-doors life in a pine belt,
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The State Board of Health, Lunacy and Charity may from time to
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tive on cover-slips and culture. For the next three days
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the most powerful appeal to the human mind."^^^ For magic
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to the ground at 30 inches distance, measured by the pace-stick,
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There did not appear to be any indications of muscular rheuma-
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Either the injured fibres receive a further accession
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extended over the pons and medulla, involving the cranial nerves, and forwards
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houses. According to the estimated average of five persons to each fam-
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Foetation, extra-uterine, a case of. By J. Scott 221
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in contact with the enemy, is that mentioned above ; when
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in the face ; he has undeceived those who clamor for high rank
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of a fibro-cartilaginous nature, having the colour and texture of a
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Clinic, 10666 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla 92037. (619) 554-8556.
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below the bandage; cut in a sloping manner, leaving the urethra be-
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Vol. in. Annesley, Charles Bell, Boerhaave, Bostock, Cheyne, Craikshank,
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graphy of the military posts, and the vital statistics of the troops extending
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frightened. It is seen markedly in pneumonia, and in it the expirations
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Excellent chapters are given upon bronchiectasis, asthma, and upon
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my attention was a well-defined band of a decided ery-
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earning a livelihood. Dr. John B. Deaver, I think, summed up the entire
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Dr. Dixon says he despises those associated with the University of
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work, and research must not be confined to the cadaver. Radiograms


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