of unfortunates, so as to get their point of view; she

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speaking and sound advice which Professor Oppenheim has from time

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editors — and then get a peep at the debit and credit pages of

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almost a domestic animal in India, and takes the place occu pie. 1

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noons and evenings are reserved for girls and women. The

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In making use of the test it is best to secure a specimen of healthy

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cles were paralyzed, and there seemed to be a loss of sensation in

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then soon after becoming much more feeble and slow. At the end of

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upon dogs. Fibrin itself, when employed as food, is certainly nutritious

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stated this in the ' Lancet ' of December, 1865, p. 729.

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as a doctor had spread among the Arabs until be came to be regarded

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patient is placed on his back, the pupil having been previously dilated with

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ment do occur, they he beneath the more superficial

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tine, three to four drachms, are all good remedies.

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eradicated. The precipitating event may transpire, — it may even attract

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Upon careful search into the literatui-e of the subject. Dr. Carroll found

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Tea. The relation ot tea-drinking to disorders of the nervous sys-

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the legs, and then the pains became more severe. The

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(c) the facial and lingual monoplegias, depending on very limited

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tion under the compound microscope. The mirror-image of these drawings would,

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increasing the substitute to two-thirds as the calf gets older ; after a

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61 . McDuffie HH, Klaasen DJ, Dosman JA: Is pesticide use related to the risk of

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typhoid bacillus is killed immediately on leaving every host and the disease

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III! it Reso/re,/, That the i\Iedical Society of the


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