/. Yellow fever is a virus disease with a high fatality rate. In
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ture media to make a final concentration of 0.01 percent,
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Chlorosis. — Praised especially by an Italian physician, Men-
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analysis, but with a greater than 1:10 dilution of the
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(7) Temporary pools that produce Aedes and Psorophora
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in Army Area and Medical General Laboratories with proper
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(stoppered with a small sterile cotton plug) should first
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The general effects of an intoxication in bacterial infections may now be con-
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be 30 or 40 percent higher than the circulating blood in hemo-
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appears. Then 3 drops of starch solution are added and
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many of this patient's symptoms were due to anemia, and that
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Art. XXV., substitute the word <( three" for "five," so as to
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(1) Cover the smear, prepared as usual, with the dye and
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digestive disturbances, gout, and urinary changes are common to
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ately for another determination; the slight amount of
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effects, and a patient is not cured until these have entirely disappeared. Many
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Dreyer, G., and Hanson, G. F.: "The Assessment of Physical Fitness,"
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one to show that the contents are for toxicological examination,
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[We here offer to our readers a translation (from the " Bulletin
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in Vienna at the time I was there, besides many of other nation-
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times even treatment with stock vaccines of streptococci or
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should have a pH of 6.1 and show little or no evidence
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5 percent sucrose agar, but synthesize a slime composed of dex-
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and cell volume are taken as 90 percent of the normal
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condition. The cases follow^ing dehvery are commonly asso-


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