years there was an of these symptoms with the

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altogether too long. In one most striking casein my experience there

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versally substituted for the strait waistcoat. Those who were

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that a poor result is the exception and the exceptions

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be albuminous material in the colloid. It is not known whether the colloid

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sort of mystical virtue in German optical glass and lenses which

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demonstrative. One day she heard some discussion about Piatt s

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sought by the optometrists must subject them to much greater efforts than they

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marked sometimes we meet with a partial atrophy and less often with a

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degree of compression upon the surrounding parts. We shall moreover see

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latent up to the occurrence of hemorrhage or perforation when

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took place the canal of the vessel would be obliterated. And so

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the vitality of the individuals was lowered. This enabled the various

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will likewise send you some of my theoretical Opinions which

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Society. His brother John was now back in London and was

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o lobe imparted to it is then tixed beneath the ligatures on the

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was read by Mr. Buchan on the Rates of Mortality in the British

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sion. Bnt oninjured arms often vary not a little in

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both in force and rhythm with an apex rate of. Respiration continued to

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proposed complete schedules of theoretic caloric requirements from

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womb and instrumental labor. Dr. Fundenberg in an article

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Remarks. Mr. McComas was employed in one of the pub

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medium and on the other by the respiratory blood which

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which is being defeated by the microbe. They are under dogs

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well marked locomotor ataxy in which there was no pain or none to

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Thus soldiers who have been shot are found standing

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Animals with light barrels narrow chests and dispropor

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dishes and the weird gypsy music dominating the scene produced an

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have since been extended by Bovie. This investigation showed that

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factor in determining the length of the period between


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