an efficient Faculty, and the Course of Instruction is thorough and eminently prac-
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In following his occupation he has been exposed to great hard-
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ache, frontal in character and was increasing in severity, great
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cure a bad cold, and often thro\v off disease in its first stages.
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charged daily by the body of a healthy adult; and for a man weigh-
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of the brain ; when it is the result of the bursting of a diseased vessel
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and cannot be said, for the following reason, although individuals
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The dyspeptic, interested in the progress of his cure, and
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fever. The bullet itself after it has lodged is usually harmless and
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20 cc. " " " " 40 cc. 5 per cent, carbol " " = .902
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of cases, in almost all of which favorable results have
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an anatomical saloon, a lecture-room, dispensary, laboratory, and
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symptoms due to intestinal disease. On two or three occasions
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half an inch In breadth, covered with healthy granulations. 1 did not sea
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properly so called, who did much to rectify the prin-
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in Fig. 1. The abscissae are the pH. The curves are practically identical, the
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This procedure has the advantage that it can be rapidly carried
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twelve hours. I do not think a stronger proof could be afforded than this
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during Pregnancy — Symptoms of Pregnancy — Dropsy of the Womb — Puer-
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to rely upon the nurses furnished by the regular bureaus, and
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must be harmful, in that it produces muscular atrophy.
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if necessary. For this purpose it has proved of great benefit in insomnia
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crates has juftly obferved. It the ficfli, being quick-
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Bernard have shown that the proportional quantity of sugar is as
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superficial layers of cells on the skin and mucous mem-
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are impatient and passionate; that their intellectual system is
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a diameter of 15 microns, we multiply the number of pollen by 3.2 of
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mouth is not always absorbed, and may be unchanged for
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with opium to counteract its laxative infiuence], aided by purgative ene-
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order to distinguish the distensile character of the pulsation,
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to make this a work for the 'people at large; and while
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with a feeling of envy. But it is curious to observe
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may subsequently consume is excreted as urea, only a small portion
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tation is kept up and propagated. Then if the obstruction con-
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