They obtain credit for their Arts Course for the Sophister

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medicine, is of course entitled to the greatest respect.

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who made the regulations for their management. There were two

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and it is yet so obscure in the case of the Trypanosomidae, that it is

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development of the elements of rodent ulcer, Dr. Warren gives

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ent to adjacent structures. It sometimes ulcerates and the con-

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donm in the throat; also, loose cough, with rattling of mucus in the chest,

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It cannot be said that a case like this, in which the

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of the body may be looked upon as engaged in a life-long process of carry-

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the foot was wholly denuded of its integuments. The

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appears to have started at the junction of the cervical canal with the

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having no known relation to gout, leucocythaemia for example ; (2) an

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mark found on the neck. The witnesses had stated < that each straw in the

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virulence should be tested, and the cliild should not be kept away from school

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In speaking of wounds of the face, Wiseman introduces an

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implantation. The main growth occupied practically the whole of the left side

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nodular mass was found at operation involving the pylorus. It had

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nothing else has done in my hands. The dose is 2 to 3 grains (0.13-0.2)

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times comparatively suddenly. In illustration he related

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wound, and then reinserted in the wound. No drainage-tube was inserted. The wound

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other animals in the great plains of the west, and is caused by

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orthopedic, urological, shell shock hospitals, etc. It

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motionless, and died in forty-eight hours. The fourth and fifth vertebras of the

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ing, and the pulse is of low tension. It is the secretions. It is not possible to obtain

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likely to prove of great value in cases of malignant pustule,

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this differential diagnosis, also the known exposure to malaria or other-

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pubo-hyoideus, and derives its nerve-supply from the intercostals.

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layer of sponge ; different sizes of them ought to he kept, and

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various forms from their presence or absence seems a mistake. The writer

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disease the laryngeal sounds are varied and important; they

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summarising in a tabular form the views advocated as to the

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"vague " term melancholia ; but you see that Dr. Maudsley

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iron in aqueous solution, enables us to discover it when mixed with

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course pericarditis cannot do this, and only severe instances of endo-

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pose of producing pleasurable intoxication, and that recently

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