tion. Because of this interference with evaporation moist, warm
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may last for years. Not even a bruise of the surface may in some
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lead (CF 4 ) were taken on all of the patients, with
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termined not alone by the position of the lesions, but
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thetic Drug Company, admitted that their profits were chiefly made
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found; in 2, the dust was negative, but a positive contact was present;
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of the pathological changes relapses, then we shall logically be
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seat of a very extensive malignant disease, which had
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decomposing blood-clot. The mass was horribly offensive,
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is that tetanus is an infectious malady, and that the soluble products ot
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w^ere their favorite means, and they a23plied them like
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vegetable organism peculiar to malarious districts ? and by what
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seen or felt. There was tenderness in various spots,
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Brain " and demonstrated the lesion in lantern-slides.
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ance of the urine, and the only thing which attracts the
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intricately balanced controls in the normal cell. A distur-
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near Portland, Oregon has two excellent opportunities
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"drop wrist." In every fracture of the humerus, the stabiUty of this
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should be governed by the condition, for with marked toxaemia and great
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but simply that no sect as such shall be authorized by law to assume the posi-
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case of acute gastro-enteritis, with much soreness of the epigastrium,
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'So. 2, 1897), that the estimation both of the total acidity and of that
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As to drugs, arsenic is the classical remedy. It is given by the mouth,
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Dr. Perxet said he had seen cases of lupus en'thematosus aggi-avated by
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at first. The workmen all know themselves that if they pick off the httle
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Moreover, the physical properties of certain samples were such as
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tortures were inflicted on the living, often in consequence of simple
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mouth. Karely in any case is the ajjpearance of the rash delayed beyond
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to the slums of New York no material change is made in
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Wounds. — The whole or a part of the brachial plexus may be divided by
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phenomena, as they occur after division of the vago-sympathetic nerve,
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If the above directions are strictly followed all pain and sore-


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