open-mouthed laity — but there was a remarkable amount

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teen years before. About a year ago she noticed that

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the vagina, and is supported partly by eight strong ligaments,

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one of the first times on whieli 1 had used this instrument I

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own fields of research, that what he considers as closely identical forms of civilization may

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present in the blood of the ox than in that of the bird, where most exists

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sure is raised or lowered through peripheral causes. In the systemic

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ticial. The history of his illness was nearly as follows :

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demoniacal vituperations which so commonly prevail, and which are at once a

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opinion. Tiiese appear to be cases of double aorta, and

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With decided anodyne and antispasmodic qualities, they have been employed in Thypus,

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gradually for several days, when, under rather severe

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slightly curved with convexity forward (Fig. 313). This incision

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instances from which it is reasonable to infer that

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at all it should be internally. Much could be said both for and

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graduating class was represented by Dr. John Joseph Quin-

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POUCHET (F. A>— NoQvellefl experiences sur H Generation Spon-

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knife as a reward for her extraordinary capacity of egg

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exception. A bulging of the membrana tympani demands paracentesis.

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In treating adolescent cretins it is very important to prevent, if possible,

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months afterwards. There was occasionally a sensation of heat

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all crops. Both farms are surrounded by hills and moun-

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Parkinson's Disease. — In the Lyon Medical, M. Gau-


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