chiefly honor in our many-sided profession. We find

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that the external umbellules are larger than the internal ones; second, that in

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6'2 Abraham : Case of Lupus Erythematosus of Fingers

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strain through flannel to extract the dirt, and bottle for

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late, having resisted a variety of remedial measures. It is now most

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For the last six months of 1891 the highest tempera-

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cathartic in their action. But others, such aa Rhubarb and

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able time to be modified by new conditions of life, e.g. the Indian at Brazil is

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the same as those of retroversion of the unimpregnated womb men-

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fluid can only lead to a suspicion that there is pulmonary oedema.

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112. Having assigned the medical officers and the noncommissioned

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If bone conduction is full, Einne's test is of considerable value in estimating

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1872 b. — Idem. [Abstract by Degive] <Ann. de med. vet., Brux., v. 21 (5),

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The' manner of applying it is by means of a feather, painting the aLected

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ident of the College, occupied the chair at this meet-

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vastly less straining upon the intestinal sutures, than

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struation difficult or impossible, the ovaries performing their

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Surg. Jour., 1874; " Carcinoma Conjunctivae," Graefe's Archiv.

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monly, as his visual acuity diminishes, the patient becomes colour-blind,

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Sept. I2thy 1840. Mrs P. wished to consult me with re-

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ished by the pain and suppuration. For this reason we should

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dental, it depends on the affection of a particular group of cells

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About the middle of the last century great interest was aroused l)y

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While dealing with typhoid, let me recommend that you avail

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of blood-cultures and of standard agglutinations, which are

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relief. But the fermentation going on, he gets the " belly ache"

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•34702 Erskine, John. An institute of the law of Scotland.

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words, for it may be summed up in these two: Give quinineP " It is

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understand how any doctor could possibly advocate the passage

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to that interesting class in which the defect seems to

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weigh 300 pounds and be in no way inconvenienced by it,


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