von Dusch, Oppolzer, Rosenbach), which may compress the large

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Experiments with stimulation of the central end of the cervical sym-

mestinon drug monograph

Happy the man whose reputation is such or whose local habi-

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From the north, south, east and west, the experience of medical

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Applied to indolent ulcers (especially those of a scrofulous cha-

mestinon side effects myasthenia gravis

early service, at half past seven, in a church about

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lampass, which only gives momentary relief, and would

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Of the grasses, 1,000 parts of the meadow cattail contains, at

mestinon timespan 180

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general, and not simply for themselves. Sucli being the c^se,

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W. & F. beg leave to call the attention of the Faculty to the latest and

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des Pneumokokkus, Arb. k. Gsndhtsamte., 1910. xxxiv, 293.

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from irritating material. 6. The wounds heal rapidly.

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provided with a good index, and is printed in beau-

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cease, and that the operation should be completed when the patient

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lings ; to any house in Mattabeseck or Middletown, eight shil-

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The medicinal rule is that an elevation of 4;000 feet

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Adhesiveness (3) is an organ which begets powerful attachments. It is

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tients suffering from one or more of the three major

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series consists of 14 cases of jaundice; 1 was hemolytic in type, 3

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whole of the usual cycle of events. Thus the subjective ocular

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It is right and proper that reprints of articles published

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the famous agricultural region of southern Colorado. It is

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searches of Dixon, who has found that the chorda tympani takes

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finger at this spot, a small, hard nodule is distinctly out-

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acriminal simply because of his structure. I think many of the

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1903 d. — On the question of the affection of the eves caused bv the larvae of

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At the Boston City Club recently, Dr. E. R. Kelly, who presided,

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the organisms will usually increase rapidly in numbers, whereas

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that embolic abscesses are not necessarily fatal to life. Bufc in

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on these patients if injury to the parathyroids is to

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(2) through wounds; and (3) through the teat canal. Localizations

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consciousness or evasion, I do not think that we can go far wrong. If


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