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which under especial circumstances may be used as health resorts,

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and that man before an opponent, came round to an adhesion to the

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are transmitted to the tendons of the abdominal muscles in such a

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may lie contagious. \_Vide art. on "Eelapsing Fever.'']

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own house. We must consider the disadvantages as well as the advan-

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board a small schooner, where his only bed for several days and nights

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bananas, and oranges grow at 5000 feet ; at 10,000 feet, Indian corn and

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ammonia, on which we cannot enter here; and the vapour of water,

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and excitability of the nervous system in its various spheres, and are

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As regards the temperature of the surface we possessed until lately

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recognised. Enteric fever having then been recognised as a specific

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metals, always tend to act on certain tissues in a definite manner,

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The time for which the patient remains in the bath is ordered by

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that the same micro-organism may vary in virulence, that it may produce

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desiccating tlie serum m varjio ; so that they may be used as quantities

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of these patients were sailors the local character of the outbreak cannot be

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years of youth are passed, is an epitome of the world at large, — a place

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diverging in all directions, but is more especially attracted upwards. It

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with it, and that where it could not be done it mattered little what

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recognised. Such a question, while it discloses a want of appreciation

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treat individuals laboring under a penetrating wound of the chest or

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diseases, a transverse ridge of the nails, from interference with nuti'ition,

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tumour with a sterilised glass rod to a sterilised slide; the sand

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begins about the end of first week ; in otliers diarrhoea may be absent

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(8), or in some other undetected part. Possibly the proportion of re-

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suddenly seized with violent pains in the abdomen, of a peculiar kind.

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jTZti? locjd symptovis, consisting of secondary abscesses in various organs

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shade, and between day and night is less. On the whole the climate

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casts. It was once believed that fatty degeneration was the same process

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warm poultice over the bites encourages it. If to be arrested, a very

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originating in this way correspond to those which were formerly described

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is often a characteristic of the early days of the disease. Delirium very

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desorganization gelatriaforme," characterized by excessive thirst, frequent

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these institutions as an interesting fact. If rightly conducted, they can-

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former acknowledges that a true vibrio may become so altered in its

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to introduce to the notice of practitioners a variety of empirical reme-


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