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with them or not, according to their ability to supply the articles

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The effects following the concurrent inoculation of two kinds of bacteria

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cotton wool soaked in a concentrated solution of salicylic

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eye is used alone. It is then advisable to allow them to read with an

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not, however, argue that even monsters so produced may be

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typhoid because individual!}^ we are still vulnerable to the typhoid

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remote effects of the higher degrees have been recognised and

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Grace H. W. Pak, Preliminary Medicine; Yale-New Haven

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tests from the walls of houses of 53 private patients

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house at 8.30 P. m., and found the infant better, but another

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gods worshipped long before them; again, the Island

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lesion of the phrenic nerve or of its centre. Whether the paralysis affects

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Fig. 1. Cirrhosis of the horse's liver. (X840.) The section was stained in

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ty protection to each pharmacist retailing their products. CONDI-

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beyond very narrow limits through the general atmosphere,

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amount taken into the stomach, and that the effects are

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trar is to be endowed with absolute power over the moral cha-

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is so striking an exami)le of what may be done under

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our own day, and be so far supported by scientific investigation.

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occupied in visiting Ceylon and making the homeward trip to

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arms and legs, but they were very weak, the right side beiag

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Examinations in Physics. So far as it goes it is an excellent little book,

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Rock and Rye will soon be found in every household where consumption or lung diseases abide.

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afforded me for watching. I entered early in life into

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care in the treatment of his patients, but it would


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