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the posterior surface of the right forearm : they were hard, did not

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to it on a future and suitable occasion. The paper of Dr. Southgate

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ther they be long or short, it shews the person to be of a sus-

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auspices of the United States Brewers' Association,

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The constellation and progression of symptoms and signs

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conveniences equally; others complain of them singly. But in

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all the twelve samples of sago and tapioca examined,

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does not materially affect the efficiency of the instrument provided

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but if the position during the third stage has been upon the

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Fully one-half of the ventral lobe of this lung was similarly affected. One of

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unsheathed, hanging to the horn of the saddle, and while tak-

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enfeebled frames, where no inflammation or fever ex-

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prescribe, will have its wonted effect? Is there no danger of

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sults of 147 cases. Referring to its effect on the uterus, they

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breath readily yields and if they attempt, to talk while

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tion suggesting that of the ulnar nerve: an unclassified bone

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The above resolutions were severally considered and passed by

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about his experiment, is the immense length of time the effects of so small a quantity

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5 per cent. NaCl-agar such forms are especially prominent, and appear

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When the algid state is established, tlie motions usually become scantier

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It will thus be seen th^t the bovine bacilli were different from thia

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cles were paralyzed, and there seemed to be a loss of sensation in

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this instance for the designation of pemphigus, that in his opinion the separa-

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Indians of the plains" (the road between the above-men-

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interstitial pneumonia, but it is fibrous, but it is called fibrous inside the

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cluded expansion of the dental health program and in-

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Meninges of brain. Diplococci (lanceolate Gram-staining).

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introduce the catheter through one nostril, but this is more diffi-

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bolized oil; never neglect this precaution or blood poison-

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probability of affording relief He related a case in

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kidneys ; moderate bydroperitoneum, hydrotliorax and

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ments have proven. The fact is that the conjunctiva, the

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bitter tonic, is the Goscinum fenestratum, indigenous in Ceylon am. th^ southern portions of

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