Health for Port Hope in 1902, at a salary of $50 per annum, when

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show the influence upon it of disturbances of the pul-

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applications should be continued over the liver. The

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tions of the impulse. It is larger in those who can entertain them-

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paralysis more or less extensive. This paralysis is usually more extensive

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one on the middle of the face and one on the nose but four

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method of puncturing some of the capillaries ; these, however, have never been

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direct result some alteration in the appearance of the

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are some slight variations in the normal lungs which it will be

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tubercle bacilli are not destroyed. There are several dried milk

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Assistant-Surgeon Charles F. Hayne^ TSA.Y^ now on duty at Cumber-

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with its attendant exhilarating influences, exalts the dynamic

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long as they could answer coherently. My opinion is that the pain is there,

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nor can he be made to keep himself or his surroundings


of the expert nagsmian as when showing the Hackney, but the

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masked by mania, or by typhus, or by phthisis with delirium, or

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of it was Pike's Peak, over 14,000 feet in height. It

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' Journal of Laryngology, Khinology and Otology, Xo. 4, ISOS.

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This represents an outstanding medical practice opportunity. County of 30,000 primary ser-

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Professor Huxley, is in danger of having his intellectual back

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double toes and high spliced heels and are the best fitting,

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but had not put it in practice or mentioned it to the profes-

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I write this to re-assure those of my professional brethren who

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This would agree with the stimulating effects observed by Esch, Busse

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in the blood, and to pervade the whole muss of the circalation

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nearly into the seventeenth century, says in his essay

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FlG. 290. — Exposure of the musculo-cutaneous nerve in the middle third of arm. The

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1, Want of Promptitude in the supply of voice during the

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improvement, but on a recurrence to the old habits of life all the

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viewed. With great difficulty the diagnosis of starch per-


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