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For the treatment of patients afi"ected with rachitis of the vertebrae,

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four or five minutes, the production of infusoria diminished in

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of no use for the purpose under discussion, although

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working of the glandular system. Just how the modus

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of three or four, he be quietly put to sleep and the anaes-

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eye, sight in that eye was almost gone on account of the

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large portions of the trapezius and splenius muscles, not to men-

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alleged to have been produced by contact with consumptives, in most

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■scribes as of a drawing or twisting character, and which may actu-

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skin was generally detached, the screams of the convict

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made sphincter muscle. The present case was satisfactory enough

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The anti -immune body, by uniting with the immune body, which was

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drunkenness, and the affection then under notice ; no one maintaining

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Rec. d'opbth.. Par., 1886, 3. s., viii, 93-95.— Ferdinands

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patients are subject to bronchitis. Capacity for work is no criterion

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8272, and in 1865 it was SS45, so that with a decreasing

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ammonia was capable of assuming the form pj-oj ects like a keel; the virtebral column

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317. — liemoine (G.) & Veiillioa. Paludisme h fornie

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diphtheria for this infectious form of sore throat. What has

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numerous bulks, with deep fissures between them, with patches of collapsed lung

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applicable to hysteria is the treatment in such cases.

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testis occupies a varying position in the hernia sac.

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was going to give anesthesia must also know physics,

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small it is never discovered during life. The growth generally preserver

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Miiller distinguishes two principal grounds of reflex motion t —

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ten as much about ectopic gestation during the last twenty years, as

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this remedy, to save pain, to relieve convulsions, to compose the mind,

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ond the natural colour of the sclerotica began to appear ; the

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pensary of the Northwestern University Medical School, and

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dance, which may be a little frothy. The affected portion of the lung pre-


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