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ture is always present in this region, but, of course, in different

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serum, are used as indicators of the effects of various mixtures, the laking

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Under all circumstances the patient is to be kept in bed, and

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keratitis, or especially if the corneas be now attacked by this peculiar

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provides a soil most favourable to the development of the Klebs-Loffler

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easily managed. A patient labouring under this form of mania, is in

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tion of nuclein in conjunction with arsenite of copper.

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Essay on Milton. Winter term : one hour a week. Irving's

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Eed Heat. — It may be used at a duU or a bright red heat. (1) At a

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cleansing the peritoneum of blood and clots, and ligating the

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diagnosis is neither impossible nor improbable. The title of

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inclined to go pretty deep. I hope to be able to save both

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s.n. 172 Trans, from Italian. (New Syd. Soc.) Lond. 1900.

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beautiful Val D'Aosta; but these situations are confined and low, and

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the law-making powers, punished us for our quarrels bjr

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It is good in the typhus fever as well as others ; keep-

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may be recognized and treated earlier and the requisite disinfection carried

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dependent upon those drastic cathartic pills that have been

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which experience shows the system is likely to absorb

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blood in the production of disease. But w r e received the work,

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percussion, but are not, as a rule, insupportable, and usually

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intelligence of woman, for all who gravely want to use

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a certain sign of the diminished vital resistance of the patients. With regard

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involvement of the two lower branches of the facial nerve appeared and

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three fragments, which were at once submitted to Profes-

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years, there have been many reports of successful splenic

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Citv and Canadian Subscribers, 88mM per annum, payable in advance.

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curred, and the attacks became more frequent until,

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This season of the year, which is made the vacation time by

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Essence of Sweet Pea. — Extract of tuberuse, of orange


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