nignant tumours, seldom present any diagnostic difficulty, and are
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stump of the right eye was at once enucleated, and iridectomy was
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As the mediate cause of disease from external injuries, intemperance acted in
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as any to speak of a habit which leads to a great deal of
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appear more or less quickly, according to the amount of obstruc-
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The several varieties of insanity fall under ttvd g)*eat divisions
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is heard, but the first sound is much more feeble than when it is heard through
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the stomach which is immediately opposite the opening; and that upon this
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half (60 centigrammes) of tobacco leaves in about six ounces of water, but by
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ventricle of the heart was contracted and empty, the right one
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Addressed to the Lord President of the Privy Council,
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through the arteries into the capillaries and on into the
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\ the aggregate number for the four preceding years, (omitting 1836, the Cholera
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a place between the fibrous tumour and the myoma, and be
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thing in the spinal cord. I think I told you of a case I saw in the H6tel Dieu,
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truss or other support. Any young person with a hernia
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increase of the symptoms in the latter increases also the sympathetic
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formation of tophous concretions in gouty subjects. The remedy is benzoic
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sion. A brief view of the features of a limited number of places will show
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have been made in barracks. The atmospheric watery vapour was
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the grain — too little selection — too little discrimination between that which is


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