six of them died almost immediately, one died shortly

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but at the bifuscation of the bronchi there was clearly a source of

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saturation was reached, the wounds became infected.

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it is much rarer and weaker), yellow fever (partly on account of the distance from the

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resolutions on the death of Prof. R. S. Newton, of New York :

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Iwxly is now thrt;«'fold : firnt, in itH Ix-aring upon the

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3. Dr. Lewin's volume has a special value as giving the results of the author's

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appendixes, peritoneal fluid in one case of appendicitis, and pus from

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Aristotle, and soon turned their attention also to the

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medical book ahead of any thing we have ever seen."

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I wish in this connection to relate a few facts that have

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cautiously to any patient who has demonstrated some

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proximate principles of the animal body, as fibrin and albumen,

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wire during dinner, immediately before the wine was used. This circumstance

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germs are swallowed with water or food, chiefly the former, and in

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Contact: Melvin I. Marks, MD, Director, Memorial/UCI Center for Health

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apply at Castle Garden and Ellis Island these same tests to

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Gentlemen : The clinic hour this morning will be devoted to

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Even at this early day, it was almost as necessary fo*r every marriageable


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or morbid condition of the lymphatic glands, or that the exciting cause

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the double layer is negatively and the membrane positively charged.^-*

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connection, is the due control of the passions and mental affec-

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be stopped when the pulse has fallen to 70. If the practitioner

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(1) that it 'is concerned in the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, and

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of the graver, more pernicious types which occur at this season alone.

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