Israels has clearly shown in his * Dissertatio His-
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without further trouble. It is always well for surgeons to ascertain,
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third, the effects of the cause on the organism, or the lesions
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C. Dittrich, a German chemist residing in New York,
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for the most part this appears to be so far correct. There are several
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to practice as the sailor who navigates a ship, ignorant of
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pheral nerves. Autopsies have been made by Hofftnann, Eulenburg,
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is clear that, in just so far as the gi'eater success now is depend-
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day in drachm doses. Nux vomica should be used as long as any
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Wilks, and quoted on page 324, would not have been justified.
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After this description he tells the following tale :
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the feelings connected with them, gives them, if this tendency
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thoroughly acute clinical observation declared that they probably did
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is not generally associated with fits, nor with any profound psychical
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adherent to the periosteum, is cut from the compact bone of the shin
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say where this took place, but it was very likely at
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nerve was simply perforated, longitudinal rows of fusiform
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A- might be expected, the structural elements of the
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Department of Health. Albany, N. Y. : Abstract of Vital Statistics, January, 1921 100
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made an agreeable drink when treated with sugar, and some
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of Magnus Huss for Stockholm, Fismer for Basle, and from the
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1885, Hirschwald. — 93. Ponf ick. " Ueber das vorkommen eigenthiimlicher, gelblicher
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will obviously indicate that at which the particular valve is just about to
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safely assert, that if the blood of every person in this house
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must consume and exhaust its phosphide element, and normal vigor
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duct was shrivelled up and atrophied. The communication
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School adversaries. The sentiment of the members, however,


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