do. A ligamentous union, furnishing a yielding support, is often better
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or the arms from the shotilders, and he lies in bed with hands crossed,
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guages used at all meetings were German, English, and
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catarrhal. As the disease has appeared here, however, only two
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as a stimulating expectorant, anthlemintic (round and thread
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amount of lithium in each salt is taken into consideration. Looked upon
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literary, but for its practical value, to all surgeons and
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for at least twenty-five years, and that said degree shall be conferred
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This little book consists in the main of 47 clever sketches
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plainly traceable by the finger for long distances on both hands, and there were anaesthetic
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deaths for January, including the late returns of the previous months:
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A little dust, an inconvenient wind, a slight shower, makes the wea-
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fusion, powder, and poultices of the leaves, but the pulse
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meal, in persons in the enjoyment of perfect health, and who are
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that modification of the epidermal cells which constitutes the
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until our time, by the labours of Lehman, that loss
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small white shorthorn cow that was so distended she had the ut-
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depraved nutrition and lowered vitality, caused by contamination
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been established, and stimulated by the success, they
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morosus, or possibly C. niger. Specimens caught near this place be-
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The omentum is a sort of apron made of a fold of the peritoneum,
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mechanical applianceH, I have oidy this lo nay ; Y«<u
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65. Elliott: Compare Swale Vincent: Ergebn. der Physiol., 1910, 9, 451.
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But mark the sequel. When I imagined I had made all right,
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business stable, and the requirements of the stable contain-
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untary motion. When the head is cut oiT, or the spinal
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177. On Varicocele and Varices of the Lower Extremities. Dr. Nathan Boteman 189
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the day ; whilst two species {F. perstans and F. Demarquaii) are constantly
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indulgence. However, I have seen one case in which the
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is well known to horsemen, without much of a description
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maintain respiration. If the oxygen was stopped for a few minutes respiration
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milk, mix well by means of a spatula and triturate the powders
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— 14 males and 22 females. Of these 36 cases, 23 occurred in children


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