of the Conmiittee of Ways and Means in the House of BepresentatiTes
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point at which the branching occurs and then down the vascular branch,
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lung fever, or bronchitis, or any of these diseases treated
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circumstances may exist where it may be convenient and
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But the greatest service that the war has done is probably the
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most active in the region bordering upon the pylorus (antrum pylori), which
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1872 b. — Idem. [Abstract by Degive] <Ann. de med. vet., Brux., v. 21 (5),
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crop by feeding it to stock, and there is no doubt that further
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be liberally paid; for the welfare of many persons depends on the
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red ; subsequently the whole tongue becomes dry, smooth and polished.
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Send for two copies, at least, and read them. They cost you nothing. Axldress the Edicor,
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In order to carry out the above the following is announced
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there is nothing to favor the less radical procedure.
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Zoology. — It may not be known to many "who interest themselves in
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thing with them; every symptom aggravated; easiest in an erect pos-
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consisted of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, with little or no fibrin ;
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of patients relating to this point : many of them were
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We are here to express our approbation of the life and labors of one
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the selection of the remedies. When so caused it is not
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We have made also a large number of experiments upon dogs by ligating
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system of self-torture goes on for a couple of hours. It is said
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over the load, after passing under the corners, it is passed over and made
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a freer use of stimulants, and a more sparing employment of
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5 cc. of this solution required for neutralization in a Kjeldahl determination
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Smokeless powders. — Certain chemical compounds possessing
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gratitude to any author who will strive to connect the description of the parts of the
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on account of Epithelioma : it has been laid open from behind. He
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sieian, possessing a practice with an income of over $10,000 per
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but it is found in greatest abundance in the South.
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tion in midwifery only, to be paid into the treasury of
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ease to their children, who were attacked with it in a
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are certain rules, the result of experience, which are never
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The first-aid packet is carried by all officers and enlisted men.
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