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July 17, 1875, received an injury over the lower part of the thigh.

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piece of gauze which originally contained Sal Alembroth,

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after death while the body was still warm, there being no odor or evidence

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tite will follow. The proverb, "The appetite comes with eating," is for

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the cases of hypertrophic stenosis to operation. I regard the prog-

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patient was quite extensively parasitized, but such instances of multiple para-

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if they are intelligent, that the apparent injustice arises from social

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new publication bearing this title, which we have read with

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"Mrs. B., a perfectly healthy woman of twenty-eight years of age,

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avowed by some writers, of the presence of peptone in normal

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not reached its extremest point. In one case only had a fatal issue occurred,

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measure, explain the first mention made of a social

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in both cases. M. Neyding has submitted the furrow to microscopical exami-

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endorse all that the Journal advances ; for he assails some

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as a basis. This idea was soon given up. As histologic technic

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According to Dr Suker, in a very able and thorough mono-

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Fig. 8. — The standard curve of Bardeen is given. The average areas of the

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labours. In no instance was parturition attended with any seri-

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increasing up to death, a melanodermia presenting special charac-

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secure primary' union. To Dr. Senn, therefore, I believe, be-

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OpticcU Aberrations — Use of the ward yParaUax — MonocylaT and JBinocular

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of the nervous centres. It has, however, been demon-

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even in a shaking machine to accomplish this. The control ex-

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(effective January 1, 1978) a transmittal letter or a separate

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over again within an hour or two is a well-recognized sign of brain

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period of his invaluable medical service in the Franco-

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