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(ii) Crystalline. — Isomorphous bodies, and mixed

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<i Medic, efuys & obfervat. Tom. If, artic. 2. fc<ft. 13. pag.

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carcinoma, to our knowledge this has not been described.

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cal expression on the part of the wife. He will also be immeasurably

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Hingston, Dr. W. H., on lithotrity and lithotomy 190

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tance in our understanding of the potentialities of the living agents of

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The above outline will give the reader a general plan of the morbid changes

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10 Sequeira : Sarcoma of Skin secondary to Tumour of Foot

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preventing the entrance of air, we may already have the condi-

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Dr. A. L. Mason pubhshes statistics of 676 cases with

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a month, or oftener if very oily. In cleaner localities once a month is

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shortened excursion of the diaphragm as on December

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and dyspnoea may depend upon passive hypersemia, due to

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safety and shelter. The St. Bernard is known to have voluntarily

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withstanding it did not occur in the midst of a crowded city, under all

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House of Delegates, Connecticut State Medical Society, — Gentle-

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&? colore flavefcente^ non licet medico cogitare de caufa

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These two rises in the ratio, that is, in 1870-71, and

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takes on special characters and may demonstrate the presence of

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of the splint an inch long and two or three inches apart, so as

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the acute form of the disease. In groups 1 and 2 the disease is

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ed considerable phlegm from its nose and mouth ; i then

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Tsenien. Yorliiurige Mittheilung <Zool. Anz., Leipz. (453), v. 17, 30. Juli, pp.

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come within a hundred feet of a ])atient with tuber-

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necessary to the jiositive dcatli of the parasites.

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You may begin with an observant hand shaking. The hand

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makes use of hydrotherapy in its various forms, the application of

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Eoeuing. — Ajrpears nearly insensible, passes everything under him ; has had rejyeated

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This is of two kinds, though both in almost the same

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be difficult of interpretation; at this time any inequality in the degree

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corrosive sublimate is the most powerful. The error

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With regard to a deleterious effect of the accumulated CO.,

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germs are swallowed with water or food, chiefly the former, and in


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