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so far safely, a still greater danger is to be encountered. It

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in it, the emphysema, et alii, are not within the trachea-

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have distinguished themselves in certain branches of

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The only way in which a standard dose can be formulated is for

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locality. It would, for example, scarcely be wise to recommend a

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tards odious, and proposed to legitimatize the children of those living in this

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much facts for our study as are those which we more

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unite, as usual, into a single venous trunk, the portal vein ; but this

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public authorities power to inspect the surroundings of any child

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trunk near its origin, after simple suppression of the anterior anastomosis by

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muscle. Finally there are cases of anal cancer in which the sphincter

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delirium comes on, the pulse rapidly sinks, and the patient soon

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I Die Sooltberme m Bad Oeynhansen (Bebme) and das gewGni

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6. Physostigmine exerts its action by stimulating the peripheral

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the causative microorganisms (as can actually be observed on the

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class. These are known as Chlorosis, and Progressive Per-

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for advancement in life. Again guilty of a like offense he es-

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ing and conserving effect; it also makes the food softer

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the outside schools were still closed. Greatly diminished loss of

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She continued till the next night about midnight and

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obstruction demand cholecystectomy, but in my experience it has been

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bridge, A. P. Ticknor, D. B. Camp, E. Linsley, A. B. Worthington,

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Absence of sexual desire is another not uncommon result of retro-

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in the palmar surface and the fossa at the base of the thumb is

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torily, and the main object should be to secure a suitable

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occurrence of this much to be deprecated misfortune.

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with leukemia. This was a long-term interest of Dr.

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is most likely communicable from the moment when the initiatory

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