a near object with the greatest possible convergence of the eyeballs. We give

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of Zurich — The Faculty of Medicine, Bern — Copenhagen University

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of the cord, or the syphilitic new growth may extend to the vessels of the cord

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£2 2s. The class is open to all persons. A class for the PreUmi"

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331. Preventive Medicine and Immunology. — Lecture and laboratory course on

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Medical College by the following members of the Faculty:

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fourth year in Medicine, in Obstetrics-Gynecology, in Pediatrics, and in Surgery. The

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is to be based in the individual case. If we bear in mind these peculiarities,

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neuralgia they are entirely absent. The coexisting symptoms of motor irri-

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the students a thorough training in the general principles of science, followed

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3. The remaining eighteen months may have been spent in study at

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Some fellowships for research in pediatrics are open to suitably qualified students.

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Ulnar Paralysis. — Except from the frequent implication of the muscles

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The main emphasis, however, is placed upon the student's ability to conduct original


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