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the attenoation of the lower limbs is in striding contrast with the

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or gangrene, the danger from rupture is imminent. Therefore quick

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endocarditis. Further, these lesions are so often accompanied by

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these, numbering 72, were women who, under a variety of circumstances,

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considerable relaxation, which lasted just long enough to

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poison probably undergoes some changes outside of the body,

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3. Basic Clinical Courses. The major clinical departments offering op-

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delays the metamorphoses of tissue, and excites the nervous

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4) The long-term care facility resident today is the

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may be quickly destroyed by apnoea caused by the pressure of effused

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William MacCormac says, ''As there are as yet but few statistical

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its virulence ; for, although kala-azar is a fatal disease,

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about a quart. There was no cyst in the liver. The hydatid

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oped actively. Despite this, however, exposure to the

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companying vital activity do not take place ; the contiguous

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small-pox, being soon at an end, although the first must have

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were not produced by this insidious vegetation. The plants being mostly

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peutic value in the treatment of the cutaneous fornus of this disease.

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punity, and also whether P'^^Tl^^'/'^.^^g^^'fl^jJi'Lrporary ap'plica-

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ceutical preparations : it has been detected in sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric, ace-

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strated a deep venous thrombosis of the left leg extending to

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be a OT'owinfT together of the inner surface of the cheek Avith the

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comparatively small vessels, which are distributed to the internal portions

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is a small spherical or slightly ovoid body about 3-3i fi in diameter (figs. 1-3).

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almost always found in the stomach contents. Gases of

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rendered it as insusceptible to anthrax as the rat. Work-

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ing in literary merit. But for the following sentiment, express-

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triangular space at the tentorial attachment and, usually with a slight

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sion, possibly, for the following reasons : The incision runs

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nothing in this whatever. Give bits of ice to allay thirst.

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been artificially inflated. The case, therefore, furnishes another proof of the

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chester. As has been stated, acute-intermittent is very

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quoting the Pioneer, states that Stirgeon-General Taylor is

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T^CC^^^CC^0O CO 'i-TtH GO *0 C^T-^cToO ''I'^OO^OO « — W TH 'Tj'»lO00G<lO&000«l*HTH


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