one thing Play Fair not occasionally but always. For as we
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into the smallpox hospital and exposing them freely to the contagium of
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well behind it was remarkable the ease with which the upper splenic
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presence of another peculiar principle in opium namelj the
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feelings are so complete as to seem more than local in origin. In
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valids than for normal appetites says Marion Price in
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an eruption compared by the attendants to that of the measles
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largely on the principle of local care and with much success and
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the labour involved in inoculating an entire ward of children the
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est in the West. The West has by far the widest dis
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affusion of water that is cold. He adds if I mistake not in
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as powerful. It is much more readily applied than any
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Minister if any be present or in his absence by some of the
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botany geology and chemistry in that institution the President of
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mineral and vegetable acrid poisons and particularly arsenic and
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large doses of bromide of potassium were given two or
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giene can not in the nature of things be an absolute one. The
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in the case of sUght deafness Up reading should be studied in preference.
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bicipital fascia separates it from the brachial artery. The median cephalic
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Hospital there were several raierobic varieties of cholera that
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blasts. In two of our cases there were isolated megaloblasts
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indefinite and doubtless by no means uniform or consistent
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body and based upon this they are classified accordingly. It must be
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studies of tumor cells show that unequal as rmmetrical and
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would not exclude all of them. The remedy lay in the profes
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laid upon pelvimetry. The section on the mechanism of labor is
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succession. From these considerations I am led to define inflammation
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The Public Health Law enacted last winter which codifies pre existing
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professional attenaance to the general. In battle he is expected to
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thoroughly empty the bowels use from one to five tablets of No.
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an English translation of this and the philosophic work of M. Moreau.
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in and during the same years in the Southern States of
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erythema nodosum. The concluding questions of the paper were First.
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at least that fluid intake should improve the circulation by increasing
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not the laceration of the perina um. Once the way is open to
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I have seen perhaps a half dozen cases of pretty large apparent
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that the rheumatism depends upon a certain state of the
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side of the pyramidal tract. The girl had very much exaggerated
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almost seemed as though every sick Irishman and Irish
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remains that they have failed in the vast majority of
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the raw surfaces must be secured but the sutures must
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peculiar condition of the soil is necessary to its development. Certain
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head in a direction perpendicular to the pelvic inlet tends to flatten
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improve at all and nine improved but slightly either because


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