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or " functional," but he considers it certain that neither this lesion nor

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were to be seen masses of firmly adherent fibrin. No

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seventeenth century, that catarrhal matter emanated from the glands

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removal of such from the tissues with expedition and certainty.

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which was pushed behind the rectus muscle and the other below

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1 . Levy R. Claravall V: Differential effects of a phone reminder on appointment

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His services terminated the middle of June, 1883. He

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ter adapted to the constitution; as the price of imported

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hunger, the food as a rule being well borne by the stomach, and

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organisms by amoeboid cells, chiefly leucocytes and other mesodermic cells,

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horse out to grass in the spring, or give him some green fodder in

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48 hours; the other, injected with 1 cc. of normal human blood serum mixed with

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the activity seemed to be somewhat less than was anticipated from

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" The proportion of nitrogenous matter or plastic ailments to carbo-hydrates or respiratory con-

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spinous process of the ilium : the intersection of these lines

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the month of February: two, “Benign Tumors of the

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ered with a thick, tenacious coat of this substance. If

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adenoids relapse. These are the cases in which the conscientious

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tendons on the palmar aspect — such disease, for instance, as

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dyspnoea, blue lips, nose, ears, and nail-beds, and general

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medical expert witnesses on both sides illustrating to a


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