more scientific to give the dimensions in inches or cen-
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so that they will pass away with the urine. This remedy
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30, 35 and 36, 37 and 38) both animals lived long enough to meta-
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which will enable us to activate or restrain, according as the one or the
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these cases are done the better so far as the ultimate closure of the
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and perhaps, delirium of inanition are becoming manifest ;
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with a mass of tenacious clay-like substance of a pale brownish
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was no tumor to be excised, but a false membrane was
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Present : Drs. Ayres, Carroll, Clark, Ferguson, Gouley, Hinton, Lusk,
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perhaps to be taken into account. We have shown, however, in cases
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the reproductive organs, which must eventually impair their integ-
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for medical aid, it becomes you to prepare yourselves to meet the de-
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tion and have been correlated with coronary arteriography to
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Sumter county, where there was no moisture or factors of ma-
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when he advocates the general institution of public mortuaries, and we
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Preferred pages extra, and must be secured in advance. The best
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The aponeurosis of the occipito-frontalis is the dividing line in
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peripheral nerves, ^nglia of the posterior nerve-roots, and
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the heartbeat produces an effect on blood pressure which is less than
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13. Mayo, C. H. : Treatment of varicose veins. Surg., Gynec.
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sage. At the location mentioned it abruptly narrowed to its
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Dr. Emil Schnee, of Carlsbad, subjected syphilis bacilli
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leave the vagus again, it is not possible to be sure that there is
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only given us a new system of doctrines, but he has taught us the
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secondly, from the equally vital matter of securing a pure milk
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trict is incompetent to, neglects, or refuses to attend in a proper manner to his
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cause they do not get well in a day or two. As they be-
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The meteorological record for the week ending October 15, in Boston, was as follows, according to observations furnished
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anesthesia in the human subject For a number of years after
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the vagina. A bull will kick the scrotum, on which an excessively


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