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even in the early stages has been accomplished in any of the
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Treatment. In the choice of remedies something must depend
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over ; put it into a very slow oven to try the icing. Then make *
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modify Cicero's famoxis Titteranee, and say that man
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Our conception of the present status of ethylhydrocuprein therapy
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To relieve hypertension and spasm of the stomach, in addition to
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need not say that blood-letting is never required in this complaint.
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of bone, remains open and suppurating. It may be reasonably
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pends on the suppuration of the sac we can obviate by resorting to the old
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officer at the time he was sighting a gun. It caught and carried off the tail
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comes a hard dead lump of flesh, and not having circula-
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inflammation extends outward, producing a carious fistula, which serves
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barrier, it was possible to obtain a better view of English and Scottish medicine
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marijuana may play in injury-producing events remains
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the 'work as an appendix to each section, but so much new material is
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quoted before in the Journal^ says of the universality of tape-
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that the trade card had its day. For various reasons, this colorful item
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nate city milkman. Such cows pass through the ordinary
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with this glovelct, is passed per vagiuam to the promontory of the sacrum, and
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induces a mental condition which leads patients, in the first
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Theobald Smith {Journ. Med. Research, Boston, 1905, February) gives
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is induced between the two systems, and of that character which constitutes
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of both great toes were first seized. This attack of which the pa-
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rales become more moist and very abundant, both coarse and
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tients, but extremely rare to find a case of typical gout.
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eases and will see his strength disappear even should
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the dog. It is this which distinguishes the promising from the
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vessels in the pro-peritoneal space. Probable direc-


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