followed by brushing for two minutes with 5 per cent,

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the cervix, even down to the bcdv of the uterus, for

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interfere more or less with irrigation. Recently mnch dis*

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was especially evident on the left side of the chest.

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the class of wounds commonly known as cuts, such as cuts with a

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of you Will take this individually to himself he will

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timated the seroprevalence of HIV-1 infection in persons

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it certainly can by the new, and furthermore experience has

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1.5 hours with a saturated solution of hydrobromic acid in acetic acid,

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PROCARDIA. This edema occurs primarily in the lower extremities and usually responds to

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olive-green colour, and is crossed by numerous greenish yellow

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with enthusiastic earnestness, knowing that, great as these

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J. HE following case of fungus haematodes, occurred in the practice

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through the stricture is found, when larger sizes can be employed. Dilatation

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tion was its shrinkage, until, as compared with the

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Hospital. Dr. A. Marks, announces that Cod Liver Glycerine is

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19 10, President Prior occupying the chair. After calling the

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iliac synchondrosis. In some cases the organ was fixed beside

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• For some further notes upon this and the order Cyperaceae, see Bulletin No. i6

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have been exhibited, showing the aimual average of cases and the mor-

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tion, so ^as to give rest to the muscles which would otherwise

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An exceedingly annoying weed, its root-stocks making it almost

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ster heart in the presence of captopril. Circ Res 1990; 66:891-899

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tical measure. For. if the calculation be made, it will be found that

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excessive stimulation by these same reagents rapidly

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present and the hernia cannot be reduced, you must operate, or,

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the different lenses in the trial frame in front of the eye.

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The statements of Dr. Scholz as to the beneflcial soothing influence of the


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