appointed First President of the Board of Civil Of-

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of nine years standing following a fall into the hold of a ship and

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According to Brinton's account of 600 cases, he concludes

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condemned as such board or commissioner shall deem expedient. A reasonable

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acquainted with the neighboring planters living on the road from Lake

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lisymbriain linifolium, Nutt. T. & G. Fl. i, 91.

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Dr. Daniel Sullivan (New London) : The meeting to-day is very

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treat a case by compressioD. We have undoubted anatomical proofs that the

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the clergy and the church and state party, who, were

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condition of the hepatized part. This alternate presence and absence of

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gained from long marches of troops is that the use of alcohol tends to

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or any member of their family over 15 years of age.

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answer, the nurse reports, and a mild saline purgative is ordered —

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will see the liumaii heart Hiark naked, and b*?autiful or

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quarter ounces ; it was two inches long, one inch and three quarters wide,

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6. Dr. Martin relates five cases in support of the proposition that inflammation of the Fal-

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the first offence being treated with injudicious severity, than

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Boston City Hosp. Author, "Medical Addresses," contain-

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absolutely no hope of staying the progress except through

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College and Clinical Record — Peoria Medical Monthly.

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physician. Dr. Turner, a blister to the back of his netk

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1874 was instrumental in the acquisition of the St.

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that you want to keep this great souvenir of the war, return

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only given us a new system of doctrines, but he has taught us the

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women of all ranks of life to the poor people of the town

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well. A few days brought me a letter, giving a very satisfactory

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darker, taking some of the basophile stain diffusely. This condi-

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they are not far diftaot from each other : his figure of


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