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their descriptions. The specimens in our museum which
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less marked immobility, the opposite of mydriasis; it
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irritant capable of producing inflammatory action of a kind likely to be
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forded by the work of not a few investigators seems to the writer
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cept in our civilization, and in that peculiar to the Mohammedan people, are
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themselves to one another in the same relations in which the
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The following testimony from one of the best matrons who ever
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exists. The size of the heart is to be determined by
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disease or injury of the mammary glands, of the urinary
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of the mother-nature in behalf of the suffering and tempted ones on
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either acute or chronic practice. At moments when a patient seems
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change has been made during the last forty years in their apparatus for
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prevent a man continuing at duty, it is liable to become so widely
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the pared surface. This central buiiflle of papilb; is
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water is able to deplete the endometrial tissue and new growths.
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meeting in Boston, at which Wendell Phillips gave the closing address.
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surdity, but they may accept and profit by advice as
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The case which drew mv attention to the value of some of their
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Dr. Conkey, of West Superior, read a paper on "The In-
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the excretory apparatus. From any of these causes a
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ferent in London and in Dublin. The chief difference appears to
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influence of contagion in propagating fever. - 1 1. The influence of recent residence and
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ulin invariably exceeded albumin in (juantity in urines
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14th treated himself for the cure of a low fever at-
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employed to test the effect of the cocainization upon the receptors
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two hundred hairs at one sitting, when patients from
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amination, but is to be used with them. In fact it will have a
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to guard the body from injury? And how ai^ these sen-
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and a pleuritis on the left." Huss explains the occurrence of pain on the
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sanguinis hominis dans l'organisme humain. These. 83 pp., 2 pis. 4°.
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to the Massachusetts General Hospital, November 10,
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of utilised heat is from 31 to 93 per cent ; in boiler furnaces
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doctrines. In many years we have held and practiced under some-
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ATnerican Jouiiial of the Mediad Sciences for 1883, a case of


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