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have at present neither a tolerable definition, nor a
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"The fact that the disease has maintained a foothold
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carcass or any meat or product thereof of any such animal slaughtered upon his
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Medical Inspection — The sheet for Principals and Medical Inspectors
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been stimulated. Niter, which was given, is an agent that in-
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loss of time dependent upon the jiatient or his friends
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all cases. After reviewing the theories offered for its
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themselves. These symptoms were most marked during the
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lacerated wound was found on his right thigh just above the
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by which they are conveyed, will be mentioned in the present
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cient, in the majority of places quite absent, so much so that
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with tlie sudden appearance of unmistakable physical signs of
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colleges, no examinations, and no diplomas. No licence is
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or it can be taken at the word of the professor, which ought to be satisfactory.
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This is not singular, but what strikes me as wonderful is, that many
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derivatives. As regards its action it is still a moot question.
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lesions are necessarily peculiar to typhoid fever as they may occur in other
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the second largest center for pancreas transplants.
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in a few years to appropriate the aboye extensively known title : it is there
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believed this question was to be decided, not by a pnHori anatomical closet
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Christensen, C: Third annual national gymnastic catastrophic injury report
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Glands ; the Muscles ; and the Vessels : of each of these dis-
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Eighteen patients were examined. In six of these the bacteria when
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state with franked tags for forwarding sample beets to
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it was startling. A high legal authority in England, has very ucgallantly
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patient recovered. In this case, as in one previously referred to, we think the
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scattered here and there in their meshes, small nodular masses.
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find the incubation period given as ranging from three to thirty -five
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aathor. Upon a first view, the reader would be struck with the neat
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5 to 7. M. D. ( Harv. ) 1877. Mem. Gyntecol. Soc. Bos.
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diameter extended to the naval hospital and other buildings of the
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deaths for January, including the late returns of the previous months:
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been tried with but little satisfaction. The patient developed an


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