meat and draughts of hot water. As to drugs, the most recent

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the use of stimulants, his patients have usually recov-

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The style adopted is exceedingly practical and to the point, exact direc-

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of water. There are cases in which the body will hold a large amount of

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under his notice and is his business, and to him the Chief Executive

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workers — all these movements are sound and are destined to make

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shelter caseworker had concerns about a particular child."

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CASE 2. Pvt. McM. Admitted December 22, 1919. Diagnosis,

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dued by the presence of one noble, generous man. Look at the

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so far as my finger could reach, and conceiving that the symptoms

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possible that the death of the mosquito larvae and of the spirochetes

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sary, then bleed freely at the toe, and insert some lint

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resulting therefrom. The term "disease" is not defined, but the request

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to the determination of nitrogen in food stuffs requii'es

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Grenerally, however, it is attributable to rickets, and this disease should

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the lung then becomes absorbed by the surrounding pulmonary capillaries,

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from endocarditis, from which he died three days later. On post-

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half ounce portions caused a chocolate-colored precipi-

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Water after Filtration, Covered Filter, Dotted line,

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Remember that a piece of fascia as large as the palm of the

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President, the following has been prepared, and may be found

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tojucs that generally agitate medical societies. It

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been described as good to restore the digestive powers.

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Examination was not satisfactory, but I thought it to be tuberculosis

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marked depression and a puckered appearance. On dividing these masses

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The admirable efficiency of his arrangements, and the

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metabolites physiologically are elevated secondary to acute

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in terms of dioptrics, said of a lens cut in the form of a

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during its disastole, and they supposed the chief use of

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Philadelphia, New York, and London : "W. B. Saunders & Co.

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relates the following extraordinary cafe. A child four

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it by the average physician of to-day. The English-


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