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great havoc among the horses and mules. In Manila alone the
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ain's socialized medical system when our 6-year-old daughter fell from a bicycle
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consonance, but their mind could not clearly analyze,
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more pronounced than when codein or heroin were used independently.
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that of true insanity, so that at any time the border may be crossed, and
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tions, the several companies composing the regiment reached the place
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their presence to be injurious in all parts of the body on account
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2. The Temperate Climate. — This chmate is the healthiest upon our
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important portion of the curve, is coeval with the diminution of
shall be fined not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars.
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treatment in hospital at the close of the week, the respective
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namely, whether it is possible that some injurious consequence
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HUBBELL, Charles L., 100 Main St., Williamstown (Tele.) —
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pages, while such operations as orchidectomy and the radical cure of
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paper which will be of permanent value as giving a very clear
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producing this increat-ed 8uscei)tihility. The following
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one house in particular, which the inhalutants had cvacuateil after
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which a state of delirium, manifested by restlessness, tremor,
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based approach to disease. We believe that pathology is a crucial discipline to carry out
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"When was it blamed ? "When was it not allowed ? "When was that which
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from the physicians themselves, and the medical wit^
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science, since this tightness, like every thing else, is judged by com-
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passes unnoticed by the owner. Then swelling, heat, and
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and lupulin caused sleep several nights. One contain-
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general symptoms of the disease are noted there is one gland more prominent
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uryed ui)oti the comnianiling othc-er, recommending tiiaf.
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tion of experiments. As the result of our study of the literature, and
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and w^ith the force characteristic of hypertrojihy of the
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a partial and intermittent recognition of the mediocre
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will take a wider view as time rolls on, and accepting


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