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We have studied transverse sections of a specimen 43 mm. long.

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blood-sucking dipterous insects may be responsible for

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But now it is definitely determined that the chief source of danger

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ease of acute and chronic character, and especially

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cat back, enlargement of epiphyses, curving of the tibite, and some

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tion of the pseudosystemic character of the disease —

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ment, that it can readily be understood why the morbid process may

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Caries of the Spine," Am. Jour. Med. Sci., 1S53; "Lecture on

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the dilator-fibres of the blood-vessels, or is it due to

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into kind, but Huguenot hands : " Father Laplace had her conducted

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it subjects a limb from the compression of the whole of its

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ence of laiiaidlmny Icir dilTused peritonitis following ru])ture

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examination in regard to the definite limitation of the affected areas

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sion; it may persist indefinitely or disappear after

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in good sanitary condition, it was without effect in averting those disasters

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discharges from the nose, mouth, and bowels, should

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the glans is not reached by them, that part is proper

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corroborate them. They may easily escape superficial observation, and

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which I am anxious to remove. Such, gentlemen, is the local treat-

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by the medical officer on board the transport en route to San Fran-

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ampton, on ''Infantile Scurvy." The doctor gave a detailed

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blood pigment is deposited throughout the skin of the body ; and fat

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world. It will be many years before another opportunity will occur to

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mental occupations which are "twice blest," primarily as regards the indi-

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plasma and corpuscles, respectively, as a maximum 0.41, 0.43, 0.45 per

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124. Apparatus for collection of a sample of alveolar air by Haldane 's method 340

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at the Medical School Dean's Office. The dormitory has squash courts

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Robertson and Elkins {British Medical Journal, February 1, 1890) report

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channels by which the blood is returned to the heart

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diecked, the wounds, both in the pavilion and tents, as-

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and Venereal Diseases. The clinic has been conducted in the College for many

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Angeles, Cal., January 25th, the profession loses one who

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After such study of the whole subject he has published*

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To carry out this work $50,000 is required. This amount is divided into


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