tendons just above the knee. It is characterized by a

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the cavity. Considerable bloody serum and gas followed its withdrawal,

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Ether as a Cause of Death. — Ether rarely causes death

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The pig's embryo at twenty-one days has a length of about 1-3

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252. Bread Sauce (to serve with Poultry or Game)—

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be practised in the amount of force applied in fastening them.

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the bacillus of Klebs and Loeffler in all the cases of diphtheria

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the ground that such hazards were accepted by the employee on entering

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erate development of the sense of taste, cares but little for the plea-

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interstitial pneumonia, but it is fibrous, but it is called fibrous inside the

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is believed to depend on the interstitial cells present in them, for it has

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ples he objects to opium after operative procedures. The


tionship unites the mediastinal organs such as the heart with the

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in its origin, local or general, but whatever the original' disease,


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