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therefore, of a soldered junction of two dissimilar metals, and

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ring attacks of pain, apparently typical of renal colic, were en-

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be bruised or cut into slices so that their strength may be more

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seen her but upon the one occasion of the consultation

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at the end of the eighth month in seventy- operations, partly the results of reflex action,

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By paralysis, we understand a suspension of nervous action. It dif-

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tion made him breathe rapidly through the mouth, and

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the temperature was an important factor in diagnosis.

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It is increased by exertion, by coughing, and by cold. The fingers and toes

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whose arteries are less flexible, can not do this. In his case the blood

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Such a condition therefore constitutes no proof that

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On admission to hospital the patient presented a distinctly toxic

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SaiTiuel Thomson, will have no connecticm with the pre*

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method (improved), the authors were unable to find strych-

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tion or have any influence on the final width of the

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its occurrence, and no evidence of approaching meno-

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township of land* to extend its usefulness, demands

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Prognosis, — In acute cerebral syphilis with stupor this is bad. In other

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will be received with satisfaction by the Profession, as a due

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in their search for votes to continue to keep them in office. To us, as

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pulse-curve, but lies in the descending limb of the curve, somewhere near

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have failedito sustain this, it must be admitted that in the majority

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half a century ago. Aside from clinical facts, it is certainly irrational to

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colon. In the slighter cases of intestinal anthrax the mucous

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digitalis, too rapid a lowering of the serum potassium concentration can produce digitalis toxicity.

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When considering its usefulness however, we desire to have the

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sometimes easy, and sometimes extremely difficult The

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development of a vaginal ridge beneath the skull on each side, the

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ease. I have been accustomed to resort to the use of the combination

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op)eration into practical life we are indebted to Czemy, Schroder,

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bation and catarrhal stage (better termed enanthemic stage). While

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time, and carry on their life duties as usual. It is said that the presence

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Melbourne (Lt.-Col., A.A.M.C.) : Harold Reginald Wessen Husbands,

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(7) As a general practitioner he had his proportion


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