inflicted, the degree of firmness and thickness of the aponeurotic

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general frictions, and parasite - destroying unctions, heal the

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slight and almost inappreciable; while on the other hand, as I have

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should always be avoided, if possible. In large cities, it is the cus-

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their decision shall have been made. In case the accused or accusing

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incompetent persons, but that "every one should choose his own

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manner of those introduced by the Cambridge Instrument Company;

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The Principals of Pathology, Volume I, General Pathology, by

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pages, while such operations as orchidectomy and the radical cure of

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they enquired into " the estait and ordour of the awld fundatioun of the

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In either event, make the necessary correction at once, if possible. If this

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which is of a wan blue color, be more apparent under tliā‚¬

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Smith, J. M., 616; Spring, C. H., 592; Stickney, P. D. B., 468;

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ought to mean the opposite of what it syntatically infers, and next]

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Cross Society) would carry with it the support of approved national

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Children at the period of the first dentition seem to be particularly

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lithontriptic will be indicated, which is prepared as follows :

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There is always the danger, in severe and neglected cases, of ulcera-

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to it that those entrusted to our keeping are at least maintained in a suita-

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water are on the stove, the air of such a room is apt to be

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These statistics, and others he was able to furnish,


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