vomiting, overcame the opium habit, and now the patient sleeps well, eats well, and retains her

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Soap Liniment. — Opodeldoc. A very useful applica^

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March. 1921. — Number of new cases, 189; classified economically: Free,

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fact, up to that time, no iaryngoscopie operation had been

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yet the deposit of lymph appears to assume the form of circumscribed patches,

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about sixty years, and he was apparently a strong, athletic man.

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(with two deaths among the children, and one among the mothers) ; two of una-

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be tightened daily as fast as they relax from the shortening of the

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are emphatically butter breeds. They are more noted for

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cental site, still, in point of fact, this seldom occurs, for the infectious

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Smith, A. W., acting assistant surgeon. To proceed to Fort-

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cooperates with the doctor very faithfully and will

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the day ; whilst two species {F. perstans and F. Demarquaii) are constantly

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the isthmus are very unsatisfactory, both yellow fever and dys-

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(3) Infectious disease is guarded against by a most

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analyses failed to detect in it urea, the biliary acids or salts, or cholesterine.

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F. Lamson-Scriboer and Prof. B. C. Buffum. For further notes upon them see *• Grasses

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alone, however, ami in ordinary doses, they are quite inadequate to effect

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Atrophy, an affection that he regarded as distinct from Progressive

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self, cause pain. The cervix was a very insensitive

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makes about 2,500 pounds of butter a week, working only six days.


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