of zinc powder or ointment, starch, lycopodium, spermaceti

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The disinfection is carried out at the cost of the local authorities, or

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rigidity of the neck was entirely absent. The earlier in the course of the

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( Res Ligusticjc. 8) <Ann. mus. civ. di storia nat. di Genova, v. 27, 2. s., v. 7,

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accurately represent the relative discomfort to the subjects. In fact,

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The Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey (ISSN-0025-7524) is published monthly (since 1904) except semimonthly in

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Glason 1 1 am li n re). Corrosive sublimate in typho ! d fever, 46.

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passes unnoticed by the owner. Then swelling, heat, and

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before us, however, the great fact that our knowledge of the nature

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be covered by linen moistened with warm acidulated clay :

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as a rigid volume, converting the elastic circulatory

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While nuclear particles are most common after splenectomy, with-

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and was under the direction of Leola Ellis, county nurse.

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only was affected, then the anterior urethra only was irrigated ; if the pos-

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long bones of the leg, it would seem that he had probably always

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The mortality in the week ended Saturday, IVIarch 21, in

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It is clearly of the nature of a preliminary essay, and does not

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recommend the introduction of one electrode into the

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whole of their extent; there is an appreciable diminution of pain in the

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foot while you ride, and avoid injuries from hard driving.

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itchinefs in the afFeded parts ; and if a fever ihould

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agreed on. I have throughout my work titrated the complement unit with

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warp, by a lessened sense of responsibility on the part of relatives, and by

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segments. There were also the theories of constriction by a band and

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