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Medica and Medical Jurisprudence ; James McNaughton, M. D., Pro-

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Pulmonary Apoplexy — Pleurisy, and Description of the Pleura.

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had diarrhoea, which in most cases was bloody. The animals

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tion. — Absent. Division. — Transverse. Habitat of Genus. — Free living in for-

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15. William H. Bennett. "Clinical Lectures on Abdominal Hernia," 189;

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The redness of the visible mucous membranes, especially of the

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merely a test to see how much complement has been absorbed during

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cases, when the case recovers in the third stage, the water is absorbed

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circulates, which is specially high because the arteria efferens

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much can be done in the way of delivering milk earlier

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the impulse or disturbs the circulation of blood within the head,

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structure of animal and vegetable substances. The editor, Dr.

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[This plan of treatment is by no means new. We distinctly remember hav-

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habit, and how unable to relinquish it after its health-destroying

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few doses of castor oil and laudanum relieved him completely,

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operation for relief of the pathology consisted in part of gall-bladder

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speak so flatteringly to the pride of my own country. In some

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ing it, as well as the garment itself, will be moist, and

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lying between the external and internal intercostal muscles,

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through the teat canal. The disease is local, usually only one or

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air of a room heated to 90^ Fahr. by one of the gas stoves. The cat was placed in an iron

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scription of its use, as employed by rae not only in aural disorders, but

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menced to scour. The following morning, March 23d, she was

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verified by Romei, has shown that when carbol is added to solution of

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The chemical composition of the substance is such, that it is re-

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■chloroform when the head was emerging. Complete amnesia and


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