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undertook a number of observations on the food taken by the

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questions with regard to the nature of puerperal and traumatic scar-

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of the tape-worm of the cat. " All the cysticerci manifest their

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tamination, had a significantly reduced incidence of early

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mother, who had been nursing him, began to sicken. She

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special motions; bending a limb is called fic.rion, straightening it is

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or rest. She was moderately but increasingly cyanotic.

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the parenchyma of these organs. The practical result

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ular, is an expensive affair; very few of our medical periodicals pay their way,

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their Early Detection and Prompt Ablation, by Dr. Jonx W.

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tion in the portal system, and the like. In the treatment of this pure

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headache increased ; eruption of the maculae much more copious ; slight

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is destroyed the antero-posterior diameter of the chest is les-

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proof that, in Leicester at least, a tariff of medical

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taught, paralysis is nothing more than a manifestation

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Soden to the member of the graduating class showing exceptional ability in

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pepsia, which gradually assumes a more aggravated character. There

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Thirdly, the homologies proposed by Eisler demand a very considerable

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8. Clark: "Clinical Studies in Epilepsy," Psychiatric

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the patient in the knee-face position, the tumor did not re-

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throw light upon past experience, reconcile all contradictions,

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depends upon the ability to avert the onset of colitis by careful atten-

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