lead-colic, the contrast to inflammatory pains is shown by the forcible
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drug was discontinued. It is by no means certain that the
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what is imodium for
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judicial authorities, who in many cases professed ignorance
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Cameron, M.P., a letter congratulating him as his "dear alter ego " upon
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other personal peculiarity. Hence it happens that a person ,
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well out and the fever high. Nothing, however, can be more vexatious
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during the last six years. He held that the procedure there-
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decades, been exposed to infection, and the hollow nature of
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very unsatisfactory condition. AVe append a few notes, taking
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iety in the subjects. A patient with a large tuberculous cavity in his
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diseases are characterized by intense streptococcemia.
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and shows that, get at it how we will, the maternal death-rate
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an increased virulence; the more crowded and confined the quarters,
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following closely upon an inflammation of the tonsils, which is such a
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assembly of "grave and reverend seigniors," I for one must
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Sydney a pleasure, 1 am compelled to request that all persons indebted
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tioned : destruction of the superior and inferior sympathetic ganglia
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mapped out a most elaborate delineation of the areas on the skin, in
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of one lung, from which he succumbed in thirty-six hours. The only
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cision. But if we make an incision, especially a radial one,
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gated and drained, but with an unsuccessful resuit. At the
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case that the jury found against Morgan a verdict of " Wilful
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University, which prescribes no course of study at all, and
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directions for this belong more properly to books on surgery.
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contains it. While it prevails widely in Africa, it is also reported in
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.steam engines and boilers should be provided by the War
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in contravention of the spirit, if not of the letter, of their
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Russian watering place, where he frequently had members of
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ulceration. When it is, however, the l>Tnphatic glands of the neck
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with water and then squeezed at a height of 18 inches above the ab-
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the suppuration in all or even the majority of the cases to
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Surgeon to ^he Skin Departrnput, St. Mary's Hospital.
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of our own Army Medical Staff. There are other papers in
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walking, while ordinarily automatic, may be volimtarily directed.
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pitation, and nervous depression occur, and too imiformly to doubt that
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In order to gain a clear idea of the ultimate fate of the carbohy-
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use instead of imodium
time in some danger of being overlooked, and it would be


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