the nerves by the bacteria rather than to the general toxic effect of the dis-
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Anatomy, Medical Jurisprudence, Hygiene, Practical Surgery, and
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gerous pulmonary disease or gastric ulcer ; but if we look more closely we shall
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stool (agaricus muscarius) : This contains the poisonous alkaloid muscarin,
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subject mentioned. "The successful candidate will be required to
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414). The new growth always originates in the neuroglia, which is the con-
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Treatment. — Treatment may be divided into (1) special otological treat-
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the general treatment, such as diet, manner of life, psychical treatment, baths,
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mains, as a rule, perfectly normal, but disease has repeatedly been found in
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performed their respective duties to the satisfaction of the physidans and^
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The clinical s} r mptoms of meningeal hemorrhage are almost always sudden
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Huxley" (very elementaiy), Kirke's "Physiology" (elementary),
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strations on Dental Mechanics, £1 Is.; Deformities of the Mouth,^
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occur at times. The patient often has an intense and striking polydipsia and


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