Dr. Letheby gives the following as the average per
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no farther than to indicate that the poison is due to ordinary putrefactive
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arrowroot eggs jellies boiled custards should be added. Ice is very
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murmurs have been discovered at any time. The vessel
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the moment of injury but ceased almost immediately
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A study of the reported cases suggests a close analogy of the muscular
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tal at Braunschweig for relief. At that time the foreign
hydrochlorothiazide (hydrodiuril) is used to treat
crushed linseed the latter in.small quantities and good hay for
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mineral acid or of one of the alkalies taken accidentally into the
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Although modifications in the quality of the matter eliminated are not
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The unique case here reported appeared at the Laryn
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Mississippi River and he then observed the result of
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regard to establishing a meat and milk inspection in this city which would
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so that they only must be kept apart while infested past
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are less liable to cause irritation when eaten fresh and should be
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doubtedly there was an underlying toxemia and possibly


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