that the increase in the volume of the liver was not due to hy-
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pnations ; ureal injury is done by the faith ill specifies, which
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This last fact especially calls for explanation. It will be ob-
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Journal of February 2d, entitled "The Need of a Re-
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cardial wounds with forceps. Locate the wound in the heart. Slip
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succumbed to experimental rabies ; and also from the brain of a four-
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to reveal any trace of new growth, and more careful examination
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Definitions. General principles. Signals. School of the soldier. Equip-
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having completely left our populous cities, or its more swift trans-
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made, and remain quiet for several hours in this position
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The irritating effects of movement of parts around a lodged
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Toward the end of the disease the enlargement of the spleen disappears
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They say that almost the whole world is their witness,
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after damping it the spores and dust no longer arise and
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paper advocating the treatment of cases of senile gangrene by
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second dose, the respirations dro])pe(l below 10 and
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Rhinebcck, N. T. ; Dr. Julius Hombrkobe, New York; Dr. E. P. Bkmnbtt,
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— a teaspoonful of brandy every four hours — in severe cases of chorea, and
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be thoroughly cleansed with tepid water, gently dried and dressed with
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tion of corn ergot. It controls pain in cancer and pre-
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limb, and the development of tubercle bacilli was more or less prevented
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a lung affected with acute pleuro-pneumonia is the presence of
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nothing else. October 13th, pain in the penis, rises
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of the resolution of the disease. Of course it requires a certain
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exert its beneficial effect indirectly, by influencing the activities of the
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tatione, aliifque levidenfibus mails, iraaginatur. bAU-
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of observers have isolated the pneumococcus in prim-
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medical officers ; authority to establish in time of war
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exudate — in both the adherent and the free gall-bladder.
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mercial venture. There were no requirements for ad-


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